When You Choose Environmental Air Specialists for HVAC Cleaning And Crawl Space Encapsulation You Are Choosing Us For

1. Experience

  • There simply is no substitute for experience. There is a lot more to performing a professional air duct cleaning than most people know. Environmental Air Specialists has been cleaning commercial and residential air duct systems for over 10 years. In that time we have cleaned the air ducts in over 100,000 homes. Through those years of experience we have learned how to successfully clean the heating and air conditioning systems in any size or configuration of building. It takes many years to gain the knowledge to perfect the air duct cleaning process. Most of our competitors are cleaning systems the way we did 5 years ago!

2. Training and Certifications

  • Our technicians undergo extensive training. Many of our competitors train their employees for 1 or 2 days and then send them out to clean air ducts in homes and buildings. At Environmental Air Specialists, our employees work as an apprentice assisting one of our technicians for an average of 1 year before they are even ready to go through our Technician Training Program. We make sure that our technicians understand every facet of our service before we ever send them to your home or building. What makes our technicians unique and more qualified than those at other companies is that ours are trained on how to be heating and air conditioning service professionals who know how to clean systems. Other companies only train their technicians using a very limited process that falls well short of our thorough training . It has always been our belief at Environmental Air Specialists that in order to thoroughly clean an HVAC system you need to fully disassemble a system, and that takes skills that a typical air duct cleaning technician doesn’t have. Our technicians are trained on furnaces and air conditioners, how they function, how to troubleshoot them, how to repair them and how to insure they are running safely.

3. We Respect Your Home or Building

  • When people watch us work they are amazed at the amount of effort we put in to protecting your building and personal belongings. We put down drop cloths (above, left), we use corner guards (above, right), wear booties, cover up important items, move around your house carefully and take every precaution we can to make sure we don’t damage anything. When we are done it is part of our service to vacuum and clean everywhere with the goal of leaving your home or building cleaner when we leave then it was when we arrived.

4. Iron Clad Guaranty

  • People want to know that when a contractor performs work for them, they will stand behind their work. Environmental Air Specialists excels at that. We give 100% attention to any complaints or questions that arise from our service. We go out of our way to make sure our customers are satisfied with our work. We never take money from customers who aren’t completely satisfied with our service. If anyone ever has an issue with Environmental Air Specialists, they can be totally confident that we will make it right. That is how we have always conducted business and always will.